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Cervical Abrassion


Dental abrassion is the  pathologic wearing of the teeth as a result of  abnormal processes,habit,abrasive substance.Proximal root abrassion may be due to improper flossing and toothpicks.However the most common cause of abrassion found at the cervical area is tooth brushing which maybe related to technique,zealous and vigorous methods,time and frequency,bristle design and abrasive dentifrices.This is termed toothbrush abrasion and has merited the most attention.

Indications for restorations:

  • deep enough to weaken tooth
  • approaching pulp
  • esthetic concern
  • carious lesion
  • hypersensitivity

Material of choice for cervical abrassion:

  • composite resin-when isolation,visibility, access and margins on enamel
  • resin modified glass ionomer cement-when isolation,visibility,access and margins on root
  • amalgam restoration-when the visibility, access and isolation is difficult.

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